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Save Our Seats!

A big thank you to all those generous folk who have contributed so liberally to our recent ‘Save Our Seats’ campaign. In case you haven’t heard about it, we have been looking for sponsors at a cost of £10 per seat to enable us to re-cover all the theatre seats. You will probably have noticed they were looking very sad, and rather than replace them with something modern (which everyone agreed would be a pity) we decided to take on the formidable task of refurbishment ourselves.

With the added bonus of a huge, generous donation from the Emlyn Circle C.I.C. we managed to raise enough money to complete the work, and all ninety-six seats have been stripped down, varnished, and re-covered. This was an exciting project and one which we hope will benefit our supportive public as well as enhancing the beauty of our lovely old theatre.

Our special thanks go to Attic member Winston Munn for so generously donating vast amounts of his time and considerable skill as he single-handedly renovated every seat!


David Goddard and Suzanne Munn (right) receive Emlyn Circle's

generous donation towards the seat renovation.


"The Attic Players is an amateur group committed to producing the highest quality live entertainment. The Attic Theatre is situated in Cawdor Hall under the clock tower in the centre of Newcastle Emlyn."

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Please note: the Attic Theatre is on the first floor of a listed building. The public entrance is at the top of a stone staircase outside the building with no wheelchair access. The Attic Players apologise for any inconvenience caused.


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